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Biofeedback uses technology to visually show your stress responses such as heart rate variability, respiration, sweat, muscle tension, skin temperature.  Physiological information is recorded from sensors. By gaining awareness you can influence your stress response.  As an athlete or performer biofeedback can help you to:

  • Control and reduce stress and anxiety

  • Improve focus and concentration

  • Improve performance consistency

Individual Performance Enhancement- Athetes

Optimal performance is essential. Dr. Reihl works with individual professional, collegiate, junior, and amateur athletes on performance enhancement.  This involves assessing and enhancing mental skills already in place and developing a plan to improve and implement additional mental skills. Performance optimization can also include skills to address physiological manifestations of stress. She is also available to coaches who would like to consult about mental skills. Call today for a free consultation.

Individual Performance Enhancement- Non Athlete

Mental skills training is beneficial for anyone who is seeking to improve their focus, concentration, and performance in their field.  Business executives, salesmen, surgeons, models, dancers, umpires, musicians, actors, announcers, and others can benefit.  Call today for a free consultation.

Team Consultation

Team cohesion and performance is important to the overall success of a team whether they be an athletic team, a business team, a pit crew, or a vocal group. Dr. Reihl works with teams of individuals to improve communication, cohesion, and overall performance. Call today for a free consultation.

Clinical Services

Dr. Reihl Provides clinical services to individuals who are experiencing difficulties which may or may not be related their sport. These difficulties can include life transitions, overall stress, time management, coping with injury, anxiety, PTSD and career transitions. Dr. Reihl has an expertise in treatment of trauma and is trained to provide evidenced based treatments for PTSD. Call today for a free consultation or visit for more information.

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